Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Boys of Baraka

I was listening to PBS at lunchtime and heard this interview about a group of troubled youth who were given the opportunity to go to the Baraka School in Kenya. I could have titled this post "The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease." See one of my pet peeves is that our society rewards bad actors. There's a gazillion programs out there for troubled youth, but what about middle of the road youth? You see, while these boys come from bad situations, they are also the trouble makers in school, the class clowns, the disruptive element. Somewhere in the Chicago school system are kids that do what they're supposed to do, don't make trouble, and are not standout scholars--probably because the educational system is too busy paying attention to the squeaky wheels--the Boys of Baraka.

Friday, September 08, 2006

US Senate panel finds no prewar Iraq-Qaeda link

US Senate panel finds no prewar Iraq-Qaeda link
By David Morgan. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Saddam Hussein had no relationship with al Qaeda, including Iraq-based guerrilla Abu Musab al Zarqawi, despite claims by President George W. Bush and other administration ...

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Have you heard about Kiva? It's a way for you to make microloans to people in the developing world. This idea really appeals to me because it's helping people where they are and not being filtered through some less than honest bureaucracy. Here's a video about the organization.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Transracial Adoption

Being interested in adoption (at some point I hope), I was all over Rachel's excellent post about it. I had this bookmarked from a few years ago. As far as I know, it's the only case of a black family adopting an Asian child. Now, I know social workers can steer you in a certain direction but how hard can it be to find a black child to adopt? Harder than adopting one from the other side of the world? Don't misunderstand me--I'm not against transracial adoption but the reasons given in this particular case don't ring true for me.

I Should Have Stayed Home

I think many people believe that since apartheid is officially over, things are looking up for black folks in that country--au contraire. Read this post by Archer about his experience in a South African night club.

African Americans Fuel Broadband Growth

Internet penetration among urban African Americans could grow from 45% to 62%, according to the new "FOCUS: African-America" study by Horowitz Associates. The study also projects strong growth in high-speed Internet penetration in this segment, from the current 28% to 46%. . . continues

Cheerio Mate

Australia mourns 'colourful son'

Friday, September 01, 2006

First Black Female POW Tells Her Story

Former Iraq prisoner of war Shoshana Johnson has signed a deal with Dafina Books to publish One Wrong Turn, The Story Of Shoshana Johnson, The First American Woman Of Color To Be Taken Prisoner Of War

Shoshana was one of five soldiers in the 507th Maintenance Company captured when the caravan of armored vehicles in which she was traveling made a wrong turn into a deadly ambush by Iraqi insurgents that killed nine members of her unit in March 2003. . . c0ntinues