Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Katrina Redux

I'm getting angry about Katrina all over again. I watched the Discovery Channel last night and learned about Gretna for the first time. This show was particularly interesting because there was a foreign couple (Australian maybe?) that were trapped in a hotel with their three children. They observed how the police were only helping white folks. Even when they left, the woman had to put her arm out the window of the bus to show she was white so the bus would be allowed through.

I digress--back to Gretna. Apparently the Sheriff (that would be Sheriff Lee smiling at you up there to the left) in this Mississippi town stood on the Louisiana side of the bridge and barred people from crossing. What I want to know is why James Dobson isn't protesting? I'm sure those people were Christians--after all it's the Bible Belt. Why isn't the ACLU filing law suits en masse against various and sundry police departments and officers that acted illegally? Where's the NAACP in this? Am I missing something cause from where I stand it looks like The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Civil Rights Act were used for toilet paper?!


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